A year of determination, the help of world-renowned doctors, and this mother's research exposed the world to the known toxins in the Covid-19 vaccines that nearly killed her son.
And the Pandemic Doctors Who Advocate Alongside Them
Dr. Balbona & Heather Hudson Video: mRNA's Toxic Relationship with Big PharmaWatch now (13 min) | A Discussion for Parents, Physicians, and OBGYNs
Dr. Balbona, Kim Witczak and I unite with Sonia Elijah to speak on #BigPharma's influence, the dangers of the lipid nanoparticles in 💉 & how "the…
And the Billion Dollar Question: The Money Trail in the Pandemic mRNA "Vaccines."
The PEGylated lipid ABC phenomenon has been a known (potentially life-threatening) problem for 22 years.
A Note for the Vaccine Injured and Those Who Have Suffered: Readying for a Time we are Heard.
The Money Trail in the Pandemic "Vaccines"... wow
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A Mother's Anthem