Dr. Balbona & Heather Hudson Video: mRNA's Toxic Relationship with Big Pharma

A Discussion for Parents, Physicians, and OBGYNs


Dr. B and I are making a series of short videos to bring about discussion and information for those who are “vaccine” or jab injured (as we don’t call it a vaccine any longer) and those who work with the jab injured.

Dr. B was a physician on capital hill and treated members of congress and the supreme court, and has now been in private practice for 30 years.

Most importantly, he was a frontline doctor early in the pandemic, successfully treating severely ill Covid-19 patients with protocols from the FLCCC and Dr. McCullough.

Much more of our work can be found here on my substack.

My son’s vaccine injury story is profound and brought about an outcry and help from the bravest of physicians, one who saved his life and brought his story and my work on the mRNA “vaccine’s” toxic lipid to the world stage.

My son’s story is here :

A Mother's Anthem
The Shot Heard Around The World
In 2021, after my then 21-year-old son went from running miles a day to walking with a cane, diagnosed with a rare, catastrophic blood disorder, this mom knows it is time for vaccine injury victims & families to ignite an intelligent, rational conversation about what the mRNA vaccines put into our bodies. We don’t buy food or health products without rea…
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His Substack is Here:

Modern Age Critical Reader
Pandemic Peer Censorship and the Importance of Critical Thought
There is an extensive force of people that insist that covid-19 mRNA vaccines can not possibly be blamed for anything. With just a base level of critical thought, anyone should realize that saying “it is impossible to have an immune reaction to a covid vaccine,” is just as baseless as saying, “ it is impossible to have an immune reaction to peanut butte…
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Dr. B and I began speaking in media and in presentations to help bring the information about his injury linked to the toxins in the “vaccine” lipid shell. We have done this to help save lives. Dr. B and I are avid writers; I have had to overcome a learning curve in public speaking. We have worked hard to bring this information to help others. Our goal is to save lives.

More information can be found in the media here:

We will post more work and videos to provide more information on Ivermectin, Remdesivir, and more.

Dr. B and I work together closely, and if I bring him a question on our videos, he will get an answer that I can bring to you (within reason).